Archetyp Market Link

Archetyp market link

Archetyp market link - darknet market that exclusively deals in drugs and operates solely on the XMR platform. Its inception dates back to May 2020, and it currently boasts a modest inventory of approximately 15,000 listings, thereby positioning it as a small- to medium-sized darknet market. The market employs a conventional account wallet and escrow system, thereby precluding the availability of direct pay or multisig options. The drug-only focus of Archetyp renders it a relatively uncomplicated and user-friendly platform compared to its counterparts. The website's nocturnal theme, coupled with its aesthetically pleasing and well-constructed interface, is commendable.

Archetyp market games section

Archetyp distinguishes itself from other markets by offering a unique 'Games' section, which allows users to place wagers on political and social events, as well as bets related to the market's performance. Additionally, the market's Deadpool feature enables users to bet on the closure of darknet markets, including the possibilities of bust, exit scam, or retirement. Despite the market's default currency display being in euros and occasional misspellings in English, it caters to a global audience, with a significant number of vendors located in Europe, the United States, and Australia. If you feel ready to visit archetyp market - find the links below.

Product selection

On Archetyp they got all kinds of stuff for sale. They got Cannabis, Stimulants, Ecstasy, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, Psychedelic, Prescriptions, Steroids, and Dissociatives. But let me tell you, Cannabis is the most popular one with over 230 listings at any time. And the categories are broken down into a bunch of subcategories, so it's super easy to find what you're looking for. Plus, they got all the usual filter and sort options, but they also got this dope "Quantity Sort" feature that helps you find the cheapest price per gram or ounce or whatever.

Payment options

So, if you want to deposit some cash on Archetyp, you gotta use Monero (XMR). Make sure you got some funds in your account wallet before you place an order. They only accept Escrow payments, but they might add Finalize Early in the future. The ordering process is super easy and user-friendly, but you gotta know how to use PGP to encrypt your order deets. Archetyp's feedback system is pretty chill and they seem like they're down to listen to customers if there's any issues.


So basically, Archetyp (Links at the bottom of the page) is pretty decent darknet market that not many people know about yet. They've got this thing called the Deadpool where users can vote on how other darknet markets will shut down, which gets them some attention on Twitter and stuff. But besides that, they're not really a hot topic and just have a small group of loyal users.

Archetyp market links

Archetyp market links can be found at the top of the page. The links show in green color indicate the links currently online, the red ones indicate the links offline. next to the archetyp links you can see the last time the link was online.